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Baranowskiella ehnstromi Sörensson, 1997 (Coleoptera: Ptilidae) in Luxembourg and adjacent parts of Germany, Belgium and France – first record of a member of the tribe Nanosellini in western Europe

Auteurs : Schulteis (Ben), Gerend (Raoul), Hermant (Sylvie) et Colling (Guy)

Année de publication : 2014
Publication : Bulletin de la Société des Naturalistes luxembourgeois
Volume : 115
Pagination : 203-209

Résumé :

Baranowskiella ehnstromi, one of the world’s smallest known beetles has been recorded at 31 different locations in Luxembourg (27), Germany (1), Belgium (1) and France (2). These are the first published records of a nanoselline featherwing beetle (Ptilidae) from this part of Europe. The species was solely found on sporocarps of the polypore fungus Phellinus conchatus, growing on goat willow Salix caprea and crack willow Salix fragilis despite attempts to obtain it from the closely related Phellinus punctatus. Sequence analysis of the mitochondrial CO1-5P region showed that this species is closely related to the eastern Palaearctic Primorskiella anodonta Prilov.